Estee Stanley

For more than 15 years, Estee Stanley has been creating some of the most stylish looks in Hollywood and around the world. Through her role as a celebrated fashion stylist and later, as a renowned interior designer, Stanley has created a niche for which she has become best known: chic, effortless and eclectic style. With a life-long eye for fashion, Estee began working as a stylist, building her reputation and career to count some of the world’s biggest fashion icons as her clients. As a self-described “constant mover” Stanley’s clients were routinely introduced to her new houses and interiors, seeing her re-interpret her furnishings and surroundings on a regular basis. Wanting to infuse their homes with Stanley’s innately chic aesthetic, they quickly began calling on her to design and re-imagine their homes. In recent years, Estee has become as well known for her interiors as her iconic fashion styling.

Estee’s work is far from cookie-cutter; in fact, she is proud that there is no signature style to her interiors. She believes that as each client is different, their interiors should be different—each home designed and decorated as a reflection of its owner, not of Estee (admittedly, she lets her penchant for marble lead the way in many of her bathrooms.) She loves finding a great statement piece of furniture or art and building a room around that object. Her travels around the world and her network in Los Angeles keeps her connected with off-the-beaten track sources who are always helping her find that next perfect piece.

Estee is a native of Southern California and resides in Los Angeles with her family.